Shave me from myself

Dad here; I hate, hate, HATE bullies. When I was younger, I was always the smallest, weakest, the last to get picked on any team. As a result, my heroes have always been those that championed the cause of the underdog; Teddy Roosevelt, who grew from a sickly youth to a president who took the time to reroute the mail around Indianola, MS until the townspeople agreed to reinstate the first black female postmaster. Johnny…

I lift mine eyes unto the hills

Things have been a bit strained at the Casa del Whackos lately. It is said that a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways, but when there are more than two forces involved, the instability is exponentially compounded. In these unsettled times, it seems like there are so many unreasonable requirements pulling us in so many opposing directions that sometimes it seems that the only option is to stand in the midst of the…

The story of Marco Polo

Marco Polo here; like Charlie, much of my former life is a blur, erased by an extended time of starvation and neglect. But in my case, the abuse was not intentional, but circumstantial; my previous human was afflicted with the advanced stages of Alzheimer's and dementia, and would forget to eat for extended periods of time. When she didn't eat, neither did I, and the result was that both of our physical conditions began to…
The Charlie Bravo Story

Auld lang syne

2018 is coming to a close, and it has been an odd one at the Casa. Many life changing events have occurred, but as positive or brutal the events may have been, the change brought on by these occurrences has been slightly anti-climatic. It's almost like the foundation is being set for a momentous change just over the horizon, but the building project has stalled, pending the chief architect's release of the final blueprints. A…

Every rose has its thorns

Dad here; a couple of days ago, I was getting the car ready for mom to take Oba(her mom) home to North Carolina. I had stopped at a carwash located on a busy avenue in a less desirable part of town when I spotted what I initially thought were a pair of chihuahuas hanging out in front of a partially abandoned strip mall. I threw the car into gear, cutting across four lanes of traffic…

Fear naught

"Serious question... When you survive something that could very well have killed you, do you lose some of your tendency to fear new encounters with danger?" This query was posted in response to a picture of me standing on rock ledge in Moab, Utah, and it made me think: is fear ever a good thing? When Jo Ann was diagnosed with cancer some years ago, of course we feared the worse. One of the things…
Friends of Charlie Bravo

The Kat speaketh

(Drum roll and trumpet fanfare please) This is Alex's first post, but hopefully not the last; I think the girl has a knack for it... so here we go: Throughout my lifetime raised by my parents, the number of animals we’ve (i.e. they’ve) rescued reaches beyond double digits. And even now, to be completely honest, I never know when an animal we rescue is going to survive. And that bothers the heck out of me.…
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