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Remember how you felt when you first heard the story of Charlie? Now you can share this story with family and friends with a Charlie Bravo Gift Box, shipped directly from the Casa del Whackos just in time for Christmas. Inside the box: A first edition of the book, pawtogaphed by the queen herself. A sagebrush scented candle, created especially for Charlie by the Cimarron Candle Company in, you guessed it, Cimarron, New Mexico. Nothing…
The Charlie Bravo Story


The suspension sighed in relief as the detective heaved his considerable bulk from the interior of the plain white Impala. He approached the modest ranch style house, and grunted his thanks as the uniformed police officer lifted the yellow crime scene tape; stooping was not something that got any easier as mandatory retirement approached. "Whatcha got, Lou?" "It's a bad one, Bill; come on back to the master bedroom, but I'm warning you, it ain't…
The Charlie Bravo Story

My dog FRAPS in public.

Dad here; one of the pleasures of having a pack of goofy dogs is the chance to watch them engage in a fit of the "zoomies". The technical term is "FRAPS", or Frenetic Random Activity Periods, of which Charlie is the queen. She will suddenly take off tearing around the yard in wild abandon, fleeing in mock terror from an unseen pursuer, only to instantly switch from hunted to huntress, at least in her mind.…
The Charlie Bravo Story

Goodbye yellow brick road

Dad here; the girls have always put numbered the boys at the Casa del Whackos, and now that Oba is here from North Carolina, the estrogen brigade is even stronger. Now, although Oba hails from Okinawa, a fairly rural island off of the coast of Japan, she is convinced that everyone in Arkansas has difficulty wearing shoes and pronouncing complete sentences. This belief was reinforced when I let slip this morning that I sometimes engage…

Why I ride

When people see us out on the road, dad always gets questions like "does she really like it?", "how do you get her on the bike?" and the biggie, "how do you strap her in?" They don't realize that this is what I live for. Its especially delectable when we pull up beside a vehicle containing another dog, and I can see the jealousy etched upon their face; sure, they get an open window, but…

The lack of daylight

Hello darkness, my old friend it’s daylight savings once again now the dusk so early starts it’s creeping instead of exercising, I’m sleeping And my waistband, from the calories unplanned Still expands I blame the lack of daylight     It’s much too early to turn in it’s that or Netflix once again the dogs already waiting there for me as soon as I crash they all have to pee Then all hell breaks loose…
The Charlie Bravo Story


The Casa del Whackos is set to experience it's first hard freeze tonight, but we aren't too concerned; have you ever heard the term, "three dog night"? That's from the old days up in the Ozarks when the chill inside the cabin was measured by how many dogs one had to pile on the bed to sleep warmly; of course, even the hottest nights at the Casa has the capability to be a three, maybe…
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