The Charlie Bravo Story

Bonnie and Gary

When dad and I first started this journey across the web, we had no idea how inept we were(and still are). By "chance", dad ran into Gary, an old friend from his attempts at skateboarding days. Gary always had a knack for not only doing the gnarliest tricks, but more importantly, doing them with the smoothest style; no one could carve up a pool or ramp like Gary. He and dad were once roommates and…
The Charlie Bravo Story


Where to start? Dad and I were rolling through the Ozarks last weekend when we encountered a motorcycle and her rider on the side of the road. Following the unwritten rule of traveler's etiquette that unfortunately is ignored too often these days, we stopped to render assistance. The rider was an older Englishwoman on a Honda CBR600RR, a very fast, nimble, race-oriented bike. All was well, she was just layering up her gear as the…
The Charlie Bravo Story


Psst! I think I saw his eyes move! Shhh... its better if he doesn't realize we're all staring at him, and he thinks he's waking up on his own. But I have to pee! Ajax, you ALWAYS have to pee; crowd in even closer, focus and direct your pee thoughts directly into dad's mind, and he'll have no choice but to get up, or he'll end up pottying on himself. But the more I focus,…
The Charlie Bravo Story

Peta Nocconah

Comanche name, translated as "he who travels alone but comes home". Dad here; after an epic three thousand mile trip through the American southwest, Charlie and I are once again ensconced in the relative safety of the Casa del Whackos. We determined long ago that time and money not spent on motels and campgrounds is time and money that can be spent on gas and mobility, so we would rather rough camp like the Comanches…
The Charlie Bravo Story

The mountains are calling

Dad and I were working on the 2019 calender, and seeing the pictures of past trips out west caused the wanderlust bug to bite, and bite hard. Whether the Ozarks of Arkansas or the Rockies of Colorado, neither are immediately accessible from the Casa, their prescence is still consoling despite the fact that they are many miles of flat, grinding interstate to reach their refreshing slopes. They comfort us with the knowledge, that should the…
The Charlie Bravo Story

Role Call

Dad here; life never seems to slow down at the Casa. Time advances like a leaf floating in the current, seeming to be unmoving in the distance, then speeding up as it approaches only to vanish beneath your bow, never to be seen again. Such is the parade of characters that have inhabited this madhouse over the years; just since Charlie started this adventure, we have seen the passing of Stevie, Max, and Bull Taco…
The Charlie Bravo Story

Sleeping with Claire

Dad here; zero dark thirty at the Casa. Through my eye slits I can see mom's voluptuous figure silhouetted in the bedroom doorway; maybe if I lay still enough, she'll continue on her migration the Land of the Kitchen to create the elixir of life, that wonderful brew that miraculously replaces antidepressants, jumper cables, and industrial strength laxatives, all in one wonderful cup. Like motorcycles, if coffee were discovered today, it would never be allowed…
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