Self Discovery


Dad here… things had turned rancid and stagnant at the old work place and I was longing for a change when I wrote the following words three years ago today:

“I’ve been driving the same route to work for 18 years, but due to extensive construction to I530, I’ve chosen to take a much longer winding route through the river bottoms every morning; sure it’s a longer, more solitary path, but I see things every day that I didn’t see before, all because a roadblock forced me to find a different way. Is there a lesson for me here? You be the judge.”

Little did I know that just a month later I would be laying flat on my back in the wilderness, my insides filling up with bile and corruption. And then, a short time after that, along these very river bottoms, I would find Charlie, and then Stevie, and truly find a different way.

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