The Charlie Bravo Story

The calendars are here!!!


When dad and I travel, we live by the Rule of Threes, the first being that you can cross the country with three pairs of socks and underwear: one pair to wear, one pair to wash and by drying, and one pair for emergencies. The Rule also applies to events; we can go for days without a mechanical mishap, but once you have one, you can pretty much count on having two more in quick succession. Then things seem to smooth out, and then we will have three more events, but these will be incredibly good, encounters with strangers, etc, and the cycle of Threes continues.

It also applies to the time it takes to accomplish certain tasks, especially when one is a notorious procrastinator like dad, and this was the case with the calendars, but they are finally here, and they look awesome if I do say so myself, and I do.

They are ready to ship from the blog page at, with free shipping available on orders over 50.00 in case you wanted to add a T-shirt or whatnot. The code for free shipping at,
or 2018FreeShip.

PM dad for info on international orders, as I am way too busy protecting my rawhide from Mia’s prying eyeballs, and we will start shipping Monday morning.

Chark On!

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