The Charlie Bravo Story

Home again

Dad has been in Memphis for the last few days, undergoing some job training, doing some customer entertaining, etc… posh hotel a few blocks off of Beale St, fine food, fantastic company, you know, the “perks” of corporate life.

His last event was supposed to be a dinner last night, then back to the room afterwards to return to the Casa this morning. When offered the option of leaving for home after the entertainment and driving a major portion of the night, the only thing missing in that hotel suite was the theme music from “Benny Hill” as he scrambled madly around throwing clothes into his suitcase.

He had dinner with a fantastic Venezuelan couple who just happened to be dog lovers themselves; she was able to translate the mysterious video that has recently surfaced, and, based on the accent, agreed that it probably originated somewhere around Peru. The stories went a bit long, as you can imagine when good friends get together, and the lure of the already-paid-for hotel room beckoned.

Mom had told dad that I had been moping around since he left, and we had talked a couple of times over the phone, but sometimes that just makes it worse. So even though the hour was late, dad pointed the Subaru west across the Mississippi, and rolled into the Casa,del Whackos in the wee hours.

You would think that we would appreciate his sacrifice and let him turn in peacefully and get some rest, but if you dud think that, you would be wrong. Mom wisely migrated to her unmolested acreage on the western plains and resumed snoring, and we trapped dad at his meager plot on the eastern rim of the bed. I sometimes think that the only only thing keeping him from toppling into the abyss is him clenching the edge of the bed with his butt cheeks. After an extensive face licking session with Mia concentrating on the ears, Ajax on the nose, and yours truly bringing in the big guns to provide hardcore facial exfoliation and moisturizing(did you know that dog spit is highly sought after cosmetic remover in some cultures?), we eventually calmed down, only to reactivate this morning looong before he was ready. I can’t wait to see what the weekend brings!

Happy Charkday!

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