The Charlie Bravo Story

Rattlesnake Ridge

They say you can't go back, and if you do, it will never be the same; most of the time that's true, but on those rare occasions... There is a large rocky out-cropping west of town that shows on some maps as "West Pinnacle", but we locals always called it Rattlesnake Ridge. Back in the day, it was a wild and desolate place, a narrow spine of rock rising high above the surrounding hills, snaking…
Self Discovery

The life I lead is the lesson I teach

Before the dawn, silence reigns supreme over the Casa del Whackos. The forecasted storms of last night have grumbled away to the east, taking both their bark and bite with them, but leaving in their wake their hot, moist breath. Due to the heat and stupidity of this time of year, we inmates have to find our adventures when and where we can; Marco Polo loves above all else to ride in the car, but…
The Charlie Bravo Story

Vitamin C

Last night was our 10th annual pilgrimage to the opening ceremonies of the Special Olympics, and Charlie's first. In case you're wondering what this entails, we roll into town en masse, creating a gauntlet of hundreds of motorcycles leading into the stadium. The athletes and their sponsors/coaches/families then line up in their respective chapters and file into the stadium while the riders rev their engines, high-fiving and encouraging the athletes all the way. It's not…
Motorcycle Touring

Pinon Nut Fudge Brownies

Dad has finally made it back home to the Casa, a fact that we inmates have milked to the Nth degree. I let the mom think that she ran things with a much firmer hand in his absence, but now that the little pushover is back, we have retaken command of the bed and she has retreated with her disciples Marco and Mia to lands unknown; it is rumoured that she has (gasp!) gone as…
The Charlie Bravo Story

The Road Not Taken

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could" I awoke before sunrise gasping for air, my gills flexing for oxygen like a fish out of water; what was this devilry all about? How could it be possible to be having a panic attack while camping somewhere as invigorating as the Rocky Mountains? True,…

The Watcher

Wanna hear a cool story? Dad has a girlfriend out in Eagle's Nest, New Mexico who he must stop and visit on every trip. Actually, the relationship is a bit lopsided, as the object of his attentions is a bit aloof to the point of being rude, content to direct her cool gaze out across the valley. Mom is fully aware of this arrangement, as the she also has seen the mystery woman, who is…
The Charlie Bravo Story

The Final Chapter

In case you haven't noticed, the posts have been a bit more infrequent lately. The story is still growing and the antics at the Casa del Whackos still blowing and going, but sometimes the cares of life intrude and the frivolity becomes muted just a bit. Zach and I have been planning a motorcycle trip out to Moab for quite some time, and that was already weighing heavy on my conscience. Moab is one of…
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