The Charlie Bravo Story

Fear naught.

Goid morning from the Casa! Mom has been gone for a week, with another week to go, and things are a bit odd. Even though the sleeping arrangements have changed one iota, with all of us crammed onto the far tight side of the bed, it still feels different. If you ever think that you won't be missed when you're gone, or that you don't matter, try going missing for a days! I woke up…

Onward through the fog!

Sunday morning at the Casa; we're back in the saddle, but don't want to get back in the rut. Dad's grandfather was a wise man who's favorite saying was "a rut is simply a grave with both ends knocked out"; even after the incredible things that we experienced last week out west, it is soooo easy to fall back into the cycle of work, worry, rinse and repeat. But, you might say, "Charlie, you don't…
Self Discovery

The ARE the good old days

Ten years ago, mom was diagnosed with cancer, with all the associated indignities; hysterectomy, mascectomy, chemo, etc, and handled it like an absolute trooper. All is now well, and life goes on. Eight years ago, dad ruptured his Achilles tendon playing basketball, then two years ago ruptured his colon landing stomach -first on a stump when he took a header over the bars of his motorcycle; he always emphasizes the stomach part, as everyone assumes…
Motorcycle Touring

Clear Lake, way up yonder

We had every intention of camping at Clear Lake last night, but thought better of it when dad did the math; you lose approximately 10° for every 1000' of elevation change, and it was in the low 40's at 9000 where we are, and Clear Lake is 12,200' with 40 MPH winds at the summit. I could just imagine our tent sailing off of the top of the mountain like a yellow hang glider with…
The Charlie Bravo Story

Dateline: South Mineral Fork

We been on the road since Friday. Usually it takes a few days into a journey to find your "mojo", or the particular rythym of the road, but this one seems to be a bit more difficult than most. Small hindrances have kept cropping up, nothing major;  intermittent rain and hail, a touch of altitude distress, and then there's the crowds. You would think that it would be difficult to get claustrophobic in an area …
Self Discovery

All my rowdy friends

A follower of the page asked for an update on those that have passed through the Casa and onto bigger and better things; there have been so many BC (before Charlie) that I couldn't begin to recount them all, so I will limit the updates to the inmates that are AD (after devastation). Stevie: of course, everyone remembers Stevie; I discovered her in the heat of July last year, and it took me three weeks…
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